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TOP 3D TVs in 2017

Why Choose LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

  • Passive 3D Glasses, LG Cinema 3D Smart glasses are without batteries, very light and available at a very affordable price. Prices of passive glasses are up to 10X lower than the prices of active 3D glasses. When you purchase the LG Cinema 3D TV it's usually accompanied by 6 pieces of passive 3D glasses for your family and friends.
  • 3D sound system is uniquely adapted to 3D content, 2.2 speakers system.
  • Manual settings for 3D, control of the depth of 3D visual effects and pop-up effects.
  • Also new is the updated 2D to 3D converter, which allows us to alter 2D content into 3D in real time in full HD 1080p picture. Which gives you access to unlimited amounts of 3D movies.
  • LG 3D Smart TVs are equipped with integrated Wi-Fi systems in order to get rid of cable connections.
  • Wireless Support
  • The most recent LG 3D smart TV technology allows you to: access to all the video content from the comfort of your home, because it has a wide range selection of the latest movies with support of programs Netflix, Vudu and Hulu Plus.
  • 3D Gaming on One TV Without a Split Screen for Two Player, with special 3D glasses, two players can compete against one another independently and catch the action on a full screen.
  • Resolution of Improving, revolutionary 3D cinema technology allows you to upscale standard picture quality to near HD, standard definition content will look beautiful on your LG Cinema 3D TV.
  • Magic Remote Control with Voice commands
  • LED Plus w/Local Dimming
  • TruMotion with 120Hz, 240Hz or 420Hz Refresh Rate, Unblur the Action
  • Intelligent Sensor for Automatically Optimizes Image
  • Smart Energy Saving Features
  • ISFccc® Ready

Best of LG - LCD and plasma 3D TVs.


3D drawing on air

3D drawing with 3D pen allows us literally to draw in three dimensions and to draw in the air, without any limitations. 3D pen gives you a new perspective on drawing various objects. Draw anything you want, the only limit is your imagination. The pen works like some 3D printers by melting ABS plastic, which returns to the solid state almost the same moment it leaves the 3D pen, enabling incredible 3D drawings without expensive software or various software support. All you need are your hands and your imagination. The biggest advantage is definitely the price, 3D pen provides absolutely cheaper way to produce 3D objects in comparison with 3D engraving. 3D pen uses ABS plastics as ink, which allows the possibility of multiple refilling of a different colors.
3D drawing on air doodler 2

Get 3DDoodler 2.0 2016 best price

Prices of ABS plastic are relatively favorable. Fill 3D pen, plug it into a electrical outlet and start creating your 3D art drawings. Suitable for both hobby and professional use for a variety of 3D objects.

3D LG Cinema Technology

LG Cinema 3D sbs free demo 2016

LG Cinema 3D info Passive vs Active LG 3D Cinema TVs, once for all which is better, which 3D TV is best for you and more info on 3D technology in side by side format,
download free 3D sbs LG Cinema clip
LG 3D TV 2016 

3D Minimize Flicker Sony Bravia Technology

3D minimize flicker sbs

3D Minimize Flicker
(0:42) Sony demonstrate Bravia 3D technology how to reduce flicker in side by side  format 3D movies (.ts)
Download free 3D sbs demo clip

enjoy full 3D sbs free 2016

(0:49) Enjoy Full HD Video In 3D, download clip in SBS 3D format (.ts)

3D Upconversion From 2D

3d from 2d free

3D Upconversion From 2D

(0:39) Sony Bravia demonstration clip reveal amazing technology of 3D world how to create virtual world from 2D images in SBS 3D format (.ts)
Download free 3D sbs demo clip


Multicolor 3D printer

Printer Objet500 Connex3 from Stratasys 3D company is the first 3D printer in the world, which is able to produce three dimensional models using hundreds of different colors. It also allows the printing of 3D models by the use of synthetic substances such as rubber and plastic, where the materials can be mixed with each other. Modern 3D printers have proven to be very useful, as they allow quick and easy production of physical 3D model solely on the basis of a drawing.
3D printers so far allowed only 3D printing in one color. The latest Objet500 Connex3 can produce models with the help of hundreds of different colors. This is enabled  by the technology of 3D printing where the printer is added 3D mass pigments of blue, pink and yellow color, similar to the classic printer.

How Does 3D Mapping Work?

After the object which will be projected on is chosen or created, a virtual replica of the entire physical set up needs to be created. First, one must choose the images or video they wish to project. Then, the virtual model of the projection surface is created within on the computer using special programs. The next step is defined as 'masking', which means using opacity templates to actually 'mask' the exact shapes and positions of the different elements of the building or space of projection. Coordinates need to be defined for where the object is placed in relation to the projector. Finally, the xyz orientation, position and lens specification of the projector add to the virtual scene. Adjustments are commonly needed by manually tweaking either the physical or virtual scene for best results. Large projectors with up to 20,000 lumens will be needed for large-scale projections such as on city skyscrapers. Otherwise, for smaller productions, a projector with a basic 5600 lumens will work. All projectors should be used with a wide angle lens, as they will produce the best results. Video mapping software such as MadMapper and VPT 6.0 are all downloadable for use in projects like these. Since this technique is becoming much more mainstream and used in advertising, companies.

3D Mapping

3D mapping is projection of video content on various facilities, buildings, cars and even whole streets. 3D mapping changes motionless, static object in a dynamic. It adds different effects that change an object or a building into something virtually in motion, as if things come to life. 3D mapping has proven to be an excellent opportunity of promotion and artistic expression. It makes unforgettable impression on all viewers. For more genuine experience, 3D mapping is used to support 3D projection with a number of different angles in order to achieve a virtual 3D image depth and the incredible scenes, such as collapsing buildings, cars that are seemingly moving, as well as other different color and texture combinations. This new 3D mapping technology is used by larger companies such as Nokia, Samsung, BMW and others for the presentation and promotion of new products.


3D Holograms real or fake?

3D hologram is a technology of the future. It represents a new milestone in the field of visual media, especially in the fields of medicine, architecture, automotive industry, entertainment, video games, simulations, advertising ...

3D hologram technology is best described as a 360° virtual screen where the light laser projection creates a virtual 3D object.
3D holograms have been developed from the pepper's ghost technique, where an object or a person was placed in front of the glass. At a given angle, the illusion of an object or person in front of the glass was projected onto the selected area, where a scene was prepared. Viewers who watched the scene from the other side, experienced a projected object or person as virtual or spirit, which appeared in the scene.

With advancement in the field of 3D holographic technology dynamic animations in the form of people, vehicles, characters, animations, etc., have developed. These modern 3D holograms are projected with support of 3D laser projectors in HD technology, which adds 3D hologram exceptional detail. Development guidelines of 3D holograms suggest that this technology can replace today's media of television, computer and phone screens, as the virtual 360° 3D animations without frameworks are more advanced and more attractive. Hologram 3D technology certainly has a huge potential for the development in many areas.

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